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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  July 15, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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" a busy intersection for public transportation targeted by protesters during the morning you might be delayed getting to work. parents stage 8 incident at a closed elementary school. syria's 16 month battle crosses a symbolic threshold as people fight for democracy how it is described. i'm ann notorangelo. tomorrow morning is commute could be a nightmare for thousands of san franciscans activist want to block muni trains and buses following the shooting of a parolee by police passengers are bracing for the demonstration. protesters target third street
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in bay view a busy intersection for public transportation and barbara new in his says it will hurt her ability to get to work. all have to take the eight extra emission it will be a lot tomorrow how much out of the way? at least and hour-and-a-half activists marched to protest to mark the anniversary of 19 year-old can of starting at this intersection he died after running from police during a fair check the coroner's report reveals harding accidently shot himself while running from the cops police say he was a parolee wanted in the murder of a pregnant woman in seattle. his family disputes the police and call for federal investigation. this woman wants no part of the protest. if they shut the trends down
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that inconveniences' me and i have to walk that is not ok for me unique is not specific how they will handle any blockade of transit lines will monitor the events and make adjustments we need to depending on what that is. 5 nittany lions pass through this intersection caring some 70,000 passengers not clear if a blockade will have a domino effect. passengers can get real-time about changes on its web site and twitter linda yee cbs 5 protesters staged a sit-in near eight oakland elementary school protesters and parents gathered near lake view elementary one of several schools close by the district this year demonstrators want to draw attention to the trend of closing public schools that serve students of color.
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that closed on many other schools and programs over the past decade. lake view one of five schools closed by oakland school district. microsoft cutting ties with nbc and build its own on-line news service the software company has been in business with nbc news since 1996 they dissolve their partnership in 2005 nbc will buy out at its share the end this and bc brand will be retired it will be nbc news dot com. it happened at a communications bill and at twin peaks vandalism discovered this morning no impact to essential city services nothing else was damaged or stolen the city ready network was involved the fbi
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notified. national guard helicopters and 2000 firefighters battled the robbers fire in placer county, more than 2,400 a. have burned, cal fire says the blaze is 30 percent contained. crews called in as far south as san diego 11 firefighters have been injured, one home and three businesses destroyed, 170 homes are threatened. the mill fire burning in man is seen on national forest about 60 percent contained, more than 27,000 a. charred five buildings have burned, no homes, more than 1600 fighters working difficult and hot conditions for injuries reported. the wife of ross mirkarimi will testify in person at his misconduct hearing this week. the ethics commission will decide if the sheriff should
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lose his job permanently his wife is flying in from venezuela according to her attorney she plans to head back immediately after the testimony. a re-count tomorrow on the those from proposition 29 the measure that would raise the cigarette tax $1 per pack for cancer research it lost by 29,000 votes. the san francisco surgeon has petitioned secretary of state to re-count balance in precincts in los angeles county. campaign 2012 a pair a fund- raising event set for next week in the bay area and will attract protesters president obama announced three stops in the east bay a week from tomorrow demonstrators are planning a protest at the fox theater in oakland, he'll hold a $35,000 person dinner and tech
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discussion. romney is in the bay area and a day earlier he has three advance next sunday meg whitman may among the guests expected to attend a luncheon in woodside romney will have aligned and event at the fairmont hotel and then wraps up the trip with a $50,000 a plate dinner in pacific heights. the rivalry heats up, the romney campaign targets president obama's plan for unemployment and growth dru levenson explains the campaign is taking swipes at romney's position at bain capital. president obama's says his campaign will not apologize that romney outsourced jobs while running bain capital in an interview the president said mr. romney claims he's mr. fix it for the economy because of his business experience i think
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voters legitimately want to know what exactly his business experience. mitt romney's says he was not at bing when outsourcing happened he left in 1999 to run the salt lake olympics. the documents show he was legally in charge through 2002 when those jobs for shipped overseas. obama advisers say they will not apologize for suggesting romney may have committed a felony if the misrepresented to the sec how long he was at the equity firm. it is troubling the president would label his campaign to direct and and let romney as a felon. romney says the president should stop personal attacks and focus on the and economy. in an interview taped thursday and shawna cbs sunday morning president obama admitted he cannot criticize romney for
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attacking his record on the economy. the president argues his policies need more time to work. dru levenson cbs news when did mitt romney's leave bain capital? advisers and both campaigns clast over differences in sec filings and romney's disclosures. the american people need to understand either you're the ceo and president of bain capital as you attest to the sec or he tells the american people he bears no responsibility as a year in charge or you are not from the information that's been tripping out, that he was involved in bain capital. investigative journalist shows governor romney left behind in 1999.
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the reason why there are documents in 2002 with his signature during the transition there was a transfer of ownership to the new partners, there was a duty to sign documents. the president will be in ohio tomorrow romney will be in mississippi. the conflict in syria officially considered in a civil war in the international red cross made that designation today. they're held to standards set by the geneva convention. this video shows hostilities in the province government forces shelled homes where suspected rebels are organized, clarissa ward explains what made the red cross declare a civil war they have three criteria they apply, they look at the length of time the conflict has
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been going on the intensity of fighting and how organized the rebel forces are, in the case of syria the fighting had spilled out from beyond the initial hotspots and therefore be called a nationwide civil war. after meeting with in the egyptian president hillary clinton met with the military leader the field marshal has a council of generals who ruled egypt since hosni mubarak was ousted. clinton is encouraging military leaders to work with the president more seeing for a transition to a democratic government. aides in a new generation. and people don't realize how serious it is in this year's aids walk more about raising money to fight the disease.
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he stocks terrified neighbors meatball bear animal control returned him to the wild. things warm up but not for long we have the big chill on the wide changes come in for tomorrow weather forecast after a break.
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in this country more than 1 million people live with hiv/aids the epidemic seems to fade away from headlines at today's aids walk the focus not just on money john ramos tells us the goal is awareness
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especially for new generation. it is important we bring people's memory along. a small fragment of the aids quilt overlooks sharon medal in golden gate park a reminder of the 20,000 who joined a walk and why they are here those who greeted the panel's need no reminding. how things work and how scary it was in the early days no one knew who would be next that is hard to translate to the younger people. a lot of the one around 30 years ago but your here to learn and participate in something vital. in the '80s aids considered a death sentence but medical advancements have transformed it to a manageable disease, it has fallen off the headlines and that may have an undesired effect on young generation.
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my generation is nonchalant about things. to kids your age take it seriously? but not everyone some see it as a joke. this aids walk raised nearly $2.7 million organizers said the walk not just about raising money but also awareness and know the importance of keeping this generation engaged in the fight that may be the ones to bring in two aides. we will gather and commission to do what it takes to stop the disease and its tracks. john ramos cbs 5 pg&e will perform water safety the test on gas lines in the peninsula it will be performed on a pipeline that runs up to sand hill road on tuesday crews will event the gas near edgewood roads in
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redwood city people in the area may smell gas during the test. ford recalls escape suvs to fix carpet padding that could get in the way of breaking ford says wrong when position padding could get the side of the break paddle when you move your foot from the accelerator suvs affected are from the 2013 model year ford will repair for free. meatball is back the bear has made himself a home in a loss angeles neighborhood lisa hodge with more. we may have disturbed his nap time he is resting in sizing the situation up a front yard tree this bears siesta and disturbs the neighborhood some watched from rooftops we got as close as recovered
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and got some videos others were told to stay inside fish and game when not his ear his ear is tagged this bear is no stranger to this neck of the woods he has a twitter account flaunting his nicknames like meatball. even future mayor of glendale. remember this video, fish and game tag his ear after chasing him down but officials say it was a matter of weeks before he came back, this time the challenge getting him down from the tree. will not tranquilize and that is a long fall. so they hasting had of the tree using beanbags. we heard him moaned it was sad. it was exciting to see him crawl
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in stead a fall. fish and game fired the first tranquilizer which had no effect. gloria press in her backyard when she watched the bear jumped over fences. she held on to her dog who tried to run to the bear he left scratch marks on her arm. eventually after tranquilizer shots the bear wall-to-wall halt and lifted into a truck you can see him breathing as he goes to sleep and traveled back to the wild. lewis a hajj in glendale the best way to beat the heat to hit the pool. maybe not like that. the annual belly flops splashdown in denver, college students participated and watch the smack down this weekend.
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how are they judged? a panel of four judges looks at creativity the sound of the flaw technique and the amount of water dispersed from the pool. the when scholarships. brian hackney here. we do have a cool down and big time. we have fog and drizzle on the coast line an indication of things to come, numbers have cooled in the east bay concord 61 oakland has 57 san jose 63. we look for things to hit the big chill in the bay area tomorrow drizzle near the shore and a warm up not until thursday. in the meantime temperatures
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below average. about 15 degrees of normal because of the low pressure over the queen charlottes, it deepens the a marine layer and that means it is cool for the bay area. it will stay that way for at least three days, you'll notice low clouds along the shoreline, the waves will be down mostly cloudy for the bay in and for the early going, in the afternoon some sunshine. the low clouds back in on the shoreline and then the clouds pull back. the pressures are falling in the upper atmosphere and the numbers will fall. santa rosa down to 5153 in livermore, 58 in mountain view.
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71 in campbell, 60 along the shoreline in palo alto 70 degrees. 68 at hayward. 73 in antioch 69 @ vallejo, still a pleasant day. those numbers are more like march than july. extended forecast the first few days in the mid-70s, and then warmer weather wait until thursday. next week and looks pretty nice. and we have a group of kids coming over to jump in the pool trouble for one of basketball's biggest cars jason kidd and arrested.
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the prehistoric creatures of ice age ran off with the box office the movie earned $46 million in opening weekend, the fourth installment of this series the first in 3 d. spider-man not amazing enough it earned 35 million, ted brave and magic mike round out top five. jason kidd in trouble arrested for d y after crashing his s u v in the hamptons. it happened at 2:00 a.m. this morning it was the only one in the car. he was attending a party in honor of george lucas he refused a breath test his attorney says he has pleaded not guilty. he finalized a new deal with the new york knicks. had he set a world record for
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the largest ever human domino? you get 1001 people and mattresses, these chinese and one by one they went down. they held the challenge in a mall in shanghai. it took 10 minutes for all dominoes to fall. now they have a place in guinness book of records. in surrey now dominates what the record she is on and the a's go along sports next.
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giants and a's in the thick of the playoff race. melky cabrera not in the lineup
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his wife having one of these. sandoval's scores posey was 3/4 in the game the giants with the astros. a's and twins a solo shot his first career four hit game. the a's went 9-4. serena williams pete coco vandeweghe in the bank of the west classic at stanford. final round of john deere classic is that johnson delivers the knockout blow. he taps in for birdie to pick up his second win of the year. almost a gimme. nascar the monster ma in new hampshire to any hammond lead for half their raise but casey cain wins his second race of the year.
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coming up on game day tonight. see you at 11 on cbs 5 good night.
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